Incompatible HDD

I just wanted to say that, while they claim that it’s rare, there are a fair number of people complaining about incompatible HDDs.

I had a USB3 to shine laying around that I wasn’t using and encountered frequent recording glitches. I knew it wasn’t a signal strength issue (I’m 9 miles line of site to the TV towers with a decent antenna that pulls in the max signal strength according to the Tablo interface) so I broke down and bought a new WD HDD. Solved the problem and I’ve been very happy ever since.

Here’s my frustration: why can’t they give a link to more than 1 HDD that I have to buy directly from WD, and no one else carries? You can’t test HDDs once and then walk away from it. How about an updated list of drives I can buy on Amazon, or in a local store like staples or Best Buy?

I get you’re a relatively small company, but you can’t ignore support, and you can’t ignore recommendations for a non-optional accessory. Very happy with the product, but this area needs some help.

I bought the recommended 5TB Western Digital from Amazon for cheaper, same model number.

We recommend Western Digital Elements drives and Seagate Expansion drives.

Most other brands/models are compatible, but avoid drives whose reviews suggest frequent disconnect problems.

This quote is in virtually every tab for each device, providing links directly to two (2) different vendors. Each link takes you to drive with options to various sizes, not a single drive.

Note: the Seagate site has a “find a retailer” button. On the very bottom of WD’s page there’s a link for “Distributors and Resellers” which takes you to a list of options.

The “compatible” link to a Community Topic is user’s experience, so you have to take it for what it is.

Yes I’m sorry it’s two drives I can’t buy anywhere. I stand corrected. Pick a drive in 2016 and I’m sure they’ll make it forever! :man_facepalming:

:question: Which drives have limited purchases points? You didn’t specify any year, just wanted a a selection with a variety of point of sales? Each “vendor” shows 5 drives each and several options to purchase.

As far as what options there were 5yrs ago, I missed that point - of course it’s not going to be made for ever.

Apologize for the inconvenience.