Include port for ip override on plex tablo app?

Hi there I’m trying to use my plex server in one location to connect to my tablo in another physical location.

In the manual override plex settings for the Tablo channel, do I enter the public ip of the network the tablo is on or the publicip:port? If so what port number?

Seems to me if both the plex server on network A and the tablo on network B were able to access outside their networks automatically (which they did), this should work? I’m not having luck but not sure about the port.

Thanks in advance

This used to work, just enter the WAN (aka External) IP of where the Tablo is into the override IP settings.

Then you must forward port 18080 on your router to the Tablo. This is an additional port on top of the Tablo Connect ports.

However, the override IP feature hasn’t worked for a while and the Tablo channel for Plex is not being currently developed. It is possible with all the updates to the Tablo something has changed.

Thanks for the update. That’s a bummer but I guess I might as well try the per you suggested to see if it works. Would that be port 18080 public to 18080 private?

Any throughts on reverse proxying my tablo at remote network to an internal IP address on my local network? My set up is fios ONT direct to a Google onhub router so unfortunately I can’t configure a proxy yet. I was wondering if maybe I could connect my old linksys router or my raspi2 to the onhub and configure it as a reverse proxy to bring in my remote tablo? Any ideas if that’s possible? Curious if there’s any tutorials or videos that could help me accomplish that?


PS- I also have a readynas 212 on my local network. Not sure if that could help with reverse proxying the tablo on the remote network but figured it’s worth mentioning.