Improving TV signals

Just looking for some ideas to improve my signal. Nothing to do with Tablo.

Here is what I have: 2 digital antennae (Lava HD-2605) in my attic that are combined then lead to the tv feed for the whole house. I have 2 Channel Master filter/amplifier devices CM-7778. This feeds 7 TVs. I live on a mountain top. Here is my TV Fools report: I can pick up some channels east of here that are not on the TV Fools map.

Anyhow, yesterday I unplugged the Channel Master devices. Ran the channel search on one of my TVs which found 22 channels. Plugged them back in to find 46 channels. An hour or two later (no changes on my part) ran it again and had 60 channels. Sometimes, in the winter I have more than 80 channels. Very few of the channels are within 80 miles.

I could get a 3rd antenna and point it southwest of here. Or I could???

What are you actually trying to accomplish? Get more channels (poorly), or get specific channels better?

Personally, I would disconnect one antenna, aim the other at about 315 and see what I get. Maybe hook both of them up, aimed in the same direction. Once I get the major stations from that direction working well, only then would I try for any other directions.