Improve the conflict resolution

After switching from TiVo to Tablo I thought that TiVo misses the conflict manager: it doesn’t tell you when a show is not recorded and that could be a problem.

After a few weeks I came to the conclusion that TiVo doesn’t really miss it, and the conflict manager is the poor man priority manager. I thought about it and I realized that in 13 years with TiVo I had zero problems with decisions made by the priority manager, whereas with Tablo I’ve been bitten by the conflict manager a few times already.

I think it could be improved by:

  • adding it to all the apps (my lg tv doesn’t have it)
  • showing conflicts as soon as they appear after scheduling a new show
  • showing conflicts every time the app is started
  • adding the name of the series (more important than the title of the episode)
  • when a conflict is found rescheduling should be attempted with all the shows (I noticed that changing the order the scheduling are added affects the conflict presence, see here)

The best improvement for the conflict manager obviously would be creating a priority manager.

You should check with @adam1991 with the topic Setting recording priority?

He really has this covered… :neutral_face:

I had read that post, but it was so polluted by posts by people that take it personally that I thought I would create a new one.

I hope that people that like Tablo and have not experienced TiVo will leave this post alone. I suggested some improvements and I really don’t care about people saying they don’t need my suggestion. If you don’t need it then please don’t reply. Pleas contribute only if you have something constructive to say.

The Tablo DVR has been around for over four and half years. Many of the early adopters came from all the various DVR’s that are mentioned in these current conflict resolution threads.

So it’s rather amusing that all of this hasn’t been discussed in minute detail years ago in the old forum.

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One more improvement: I just realized that the conflict page doesn’t show you the conflict. It shows you one of the 3 series with the conflict. You need to click on the series, scroll down to find the episode with the conflict, click on that episode and finally see the actual conflict.

I think that there should be a better and faster way. The conflict page should show the conflicts, not the series with one show that is not recorded because of a conflict.

For example it should show 3 rows per conflict instead of one icon. Each row should show the list of episodes that will (not) be recorded. Each row should have a check box, two should be checked showing which episodes are scheduled to be recorded.

At this point the user will resolve the conflict with one click on one check box instead of all the clicks required today.

If I’m using the WEB broswer app or the Roku app on a 2 tuner tablo, when I scheduled a recording that is in conflict I immediately get a big red resolve conflict popup that once clicked takes me to the three or more scheduled recordings in conflict.

That seems pretty simple to me. And you can have more then 3 scheduled recordings in conflict because you ignored a previous conflict.

A sarcastic interpretation of Zip’s post might be like - oh, yea… I think you have something there.
Because many other users “complain” about what a many view as obvious issues. A few seem to deal with it better than others. In the end, many have been struggling (or not) with it for years.

How many types of “obvious issues” are there. It seems that recently the various flavors have been all features and functions in all apps, conflict resolution, and changes in scheduling prioritization.

I know Christmas is over and all the development elves and cobblers are idle, but there is probably way more suggestions then developer cycles. And I’m sure tablo has it’s own internal prioritized list of features.

Maybe if you are nice they will publish their list of prioritized features.

I would suspect it’s a trade secret… or should be.

Obviously, it was a joke that goes back to the original feature list thread.

That thread got so big than no one could make any sense out of all the requests. Tablo even ask users to stop posting.

Then a number of users wanted to have some acknowledgement of where their feature requests were prioritized. Oops.

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