Improve reception when the station has a MODERATE strength signal

Any suggestions on how we can improve reception when the station has a MODERATE strength signal?

The stations listed below have different SIGNAL strengths. We have problems receiving shows from the MODERATE strength station. We are using a One for All - Suburbs Ultimate Designer Bar Antenna with amplified reception that is rated for 60 miles. Using tablo 4th gen with updated firmware. Antenna amplification setting is ON.

This is the web site used DTV Reception Maps | Federal Communications Commission

WTEN Facility ID: 74422

STRONG Signal strength
WTEN (Licensing) (Public File)
City of License: ALBANY, NY
RF Channel: 24
RX Strength: 77 dbuV/m
Tower Distance: 12 mi; Direction: 132°

WRGB Facility ID: 73942

MODERATE Signal strength
WRGB (Licensing) (Public File)
City of License: SCHENECTADY, NY
RF Channel: 35
RX Strength: 70 dbuV/m
Tower Distance: 12 mi; Direction: 132°

Odd that they list the same distance and direction. Have you tried turning off the Tablo’s internal antenna booster yet? I have an amplified antenna and could not get 1 station until I turned it off. It’s free to try. :grinning:

Remember to rescan after you turn it off.

Best to ask here. Albany, NY - HDTV | Page 430 | AVS Forum

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Agree that you should go to the AVS forum and ask for advice. I think the one thing they will ask for is more info on where your indoor antenna is placed.

Also that is not the best of indoor antennas you can get and you can look at reviews on Amazon and at AntennaMan’s website.

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Is 12 miles really the distance of the tower from your location? If so, I would test with unamplified antenna and Tablo setting. There is such a thing as too much signal.

The ratings on antennas are ‘marketing hype’ especially for an indoor antenna. I’m 30 miles outside of Chicago and have had rabbit ears work better than some of the amplified antennas I’ve tried.

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In door reception is a bit of a crapshoot. First you need to be facing the broadcast towers for best results and if your TV is on the other side of the house from the towers then being 12 miles from them is not going to be helpful. Also important are obstacles like trees and buildings between you and the towers as well as Cell phone towers etc.

So just because one person has success 12 miles or even 30 miles out does not compute to each individual circumstance. There are a bunch of factors at play that are different for everyone trying to capture OTA signals.

Thank you all for your inputs. I turned off Tablo’s internal antenna booster and I now receive the ‘problem’ station. I will also search for a better inside antenna and see if I can improve weather related reception problems.