Improve inline channel guide

The following feature request relate’s to Tablo’s Roku channel (not sure if it is relevant for others Tablo apps as well).

When watching live TV and clicking up/down arrows, I see the list of channels including current and next shows. Is it possible to improve this display by the following:

  1. Allow to browse further than just the next show
  2. Show image of show + open info about the show (when clicking the info button)

It is possible to go back to the TV guide, but that stops the viewing of current channel. It will be nice if we can browse through the guide while the current show is still running. Similar to Comcast’s X1 interface.

Thanks !

So basically you want an overlay full feature live TV guide / grid? lol

Kind of defeats the purpose of it being for quick changes if you’re just going to cover up the entire screen again.

Don’t lol me, thanks.

I didn’t say it will be full screen. It can be same size of today, I just want to be able to browse forward more than just the next show. And when clicking on the info button it should show the show’s info.

I remember back years ago there was the TV Guide channel that gave you the commercials they were showing you at the top, and the guid scrolling by on the bottom…something like that might be useful…keep watching your show in a smaller size, but have the guide grid taking the full width, half height at the bottom :slight_smile: