Important notice from Roku about your new Roku 4 player

Just received the following email from Roku. Anyone have any details?

Dear Roku customer,
Thank you for your recent purchase of a Roku 4, the newest addition to our line of streaming players. We are getting in touch after discovering a manufacturing glitch with a small number of Roku 4 players. We identified your Roku 4 player as potentially among this group, and as a result would like to replace it to avoid any potential issues that would impact your use and enjoyment.

In the next few days we will ship out a new Roku 4 player and a return label for the one you have. We ask that you return your current Roku 4 player as soon as you receive our package.

Requested action:

  • Please reply to this email with your full name and current shipping address including zip code, which will be used to ship the new Roku 4 player.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your assistance in helping ensure you have the best possible streaming experience.

Thank you and happy streaming,


Well that is certainly interesting. They don’t say anything about what is actually wrong, and are automatically sending a new one.
Did you purchase yours directly from Roku? I bought mine on Amazon and wonder if I’ll get a similar email or if mine is supposedly good…

Directly from Roku.

Nice. Did you have the noisy fan problem? I’m wondering if they narrowed it down to a certain sequence of serial numbers.

Other than the Tablo app, I haven’t had any problems with it that I know of.