Implementation of commercial skip for Tizen app

With the release of 2.2.26 I was happy to see the announcement of commercial skip capability. Is there any target date for an update to the Tizen app for Samsung Smart TV’s?

I am currently using Tablo Ripper, MCEBuddy and Plex to accomplish this but an update to the Tizen app would certainly simplify things.

Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work for the Tablo community.

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I just recently purchased a Tablo quad primarily for the commercial skip and better resolution/frame rates than others. I didn’t want to use the firetv with amazons recast. I was disappointed that I have to run on Apple TV for the commercial skip - I only have 1 Apple TV and it’s on my hardly watched non Samsung TV. I don’t want to buy more Apple TV’s.

Tablo support confirmed Samsung Smart TV is not a priority for them to implement commercial skip anytime soon. This is evident on their devices list that Samsung TV is not listed and is on their secondary devices link.

This is very odd as Samsung Tizen has the most market share of all streaming devices worldwide!! I get that it may be harder for Tablo Development team to work with Samsung. But from a business strategy point of view why wouldn’t Tablo partner with the market leader?

The only reason I haven’t switched to Sling compatible AirTV is that Sling doesn’t yet support AirTV on Samsung Tizen TV either. catch 22

Can you provide a source for that? I thought Roku or Google TV standalone devices might up at the top.

Strategy Analytics: Samsung Leads As Global TV Streaming Device Population Reaches 1.1 Billion
Business Wire

Tizen is a proprietary OS and only runs on some Samsung smart TV’s

Yeah Tizen OS is a problem. My solution is to use a firestick. Now I get the commercial skip features plus on live tv I can press up on firestick and get back to live channel selection to keep switching between live football games. My Samsung remote is now collecting dust, take that Samsung!

Interesting statistics, but I know many people with Samsung TVs with Tizen OS that solely use a different standalone device for streaming such as a NVIDIA Shield or Roku. I feel like this stat is likely skewed by really good sales of TVs made by Samsung, that doesn’t mean the OS is actually used for streaming purposes.


Some sites say Samsung has a 20% market share. And since Tizen only runs on some Samsung TV’s …

This is what I was thinking, just because it may be on the highest percentage of devices doesn’t mean it’s actually being used. I would guess because of performance and other limitations that a decent portion of those Samsung TVs actually have a standalone device that is the primary streaming device.


This graphic doesn’t explain it’s self, does it? What’s the first circle showing vs the second one? Based on 1) device sales 2) usage tracking is how I’m interpreting it… what’s your take?

From the article:

finds that Samsung is the leading brand, with 14% of devices in use,

First circle shows Samsung has 14% of sales – that’s not saying everyone buying a Samsung is using it’s disadvantaged OS …does it?

As for “usage tracking” in the second circle, looks like almost half is unaccounted. How accurate is this?

Reading the Report Summary it clearly reads like a marketing tool, similar to a study. First step to doing a study is to define what a successful study looks like :neutral_face:

It’s defiantly a marketing piece and you need a subscription to get the details.

First pie is by device and second is by OS. Samsung decreases from 14% to 11% indicating 3% of people with Samsung are not using any of the smart features. But nearly half is “other” What kind of data is that?

FireTV up to 50 million users over Roku 46 million. While Tizen has 3x that at over 150 million users worldwide.

I agree Samsung owners use other devices too. Peacock app is not available on Samsung so I use my Xbox to watch shows on that app. However, the majority of the time we watch on Samsung Apps for Sling, Tablo, Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu (basic). Some of the time we watch on our older TVs one has a Fire TV stick and one an Apple TV.

I suspect Tablo could share stats with the community regarding the actual % used by each type of access to their Tablo boxes to provide more transparency on their strategy.

This is not what I would take from the 2nd pie chart. Not all of Samsung TVs are Tizen OS, this is likely the difference. It doesn’t mention they actually verified the smart features were being used.

Then did this a few years ago, and the most commonly used device then to stream the Tablo was Roku devices. Maybe they can update us on what people use now, doubt it’s much different though.

Some times not writing apps and features for a proprietary OS might have something to do with the robustness of the OS, it’s feature content, number of bugs, SDK/API’s, bug fix time, and app store.

Writing apps for other OS’s may be more reliable, faster, and thus cheaper.

This is looking at things from a different angle. There are various degrees of what “cord cutting means to me”. A “traditional cord cutter” from the perspective of an OTA user, for primary source… may not focus on a smart TV. Quality antenna, decent TV - finally an over-the-counter OTA DVR and what ever streaming device they’ve been using.

Their demographic may not fit your view of what a high-end cord cutter is looking for. Most likely they’ve done some marketing research and data collection. They’ve had struggles meeting the demands for their products (pre-pandemic) while Samsung has always had TVs on the shelves.

’ZACTLY!! I view this as a marketing study …telling people what they need to hear, more specifically than just media hype.

I am suggesting when Tablo updates the stats we may find a new trend toward SSTV to warrant an increase in resources allocated to update the SSTV app. Or if the data trend is FireTV is the leader then perhaps I’ll just go all in on FireTV sticks and get the commercial skip feature. Nothing against Roku, but I already have 2 FireTV sticks and Amazon Prime. Tablo does support FireTV Live TV feature - very nice.

I am frustrated that commercial skip won’t be available on my current primary streaming device of choice - Samsung Smart TV (SSTV). Which seems to go against the strategy of having an OTA DVR that works on so many clients from different vendors which makes Tablo so unique.

I enjoy Tablo and selected it because it is client agnostic and a superior quality video than AirTv or Fire TV Recast. It’s my primary source for network television OTA. The only benefit for AirTV and FireTV recast is no monthly subscription needed. Let’s face it Tablo is awful without the guide subscription/lifetime membership. Sling is a great compliment to Tablo for OTT cable channels without paying for local network programming. For me the combo replaced my DirecTV well and saved us $$$.

If Tablo is willing to support Samsung’s new Universal Guide, that will make finding content for OTA and all other sources in one place - so great! So far Sling is not supporting Universal Guide nor has Samsung made available to older Tizen TVs like mine. Apple TV promised this but fell short.

So for now I won’t pay for commercial skip and just press the fast forward button - which works well on SSTV Tablo app.

Can you use AirTV with out paying for Sling service? Fire TV Recast is Amazon specific - it only plays on Amazon devices. Although it may not be explicitly required, you’ll likely be paying the $120yr for Prime Membership - Video.

AirTv does not require a Sling subscription, can be used with Sling free version or their odd AirTv dongles. It has less supported clients than does Tablo. Does not work on SSTV Sling app, however. Their newest model has a quad tuner like Tablo.

FireTV Recast and FireTV sticks do not require a prime membership to use. Only an Amazon account - just like Roku requires a Roku account. Recast only works with FireTV streaming devices for TVs so that is limited. It’s streaming quality is not as good as Tablo.

I pay for Prime for free shipping and unlimited photo backup storage, so Prime Video is a plus fro me.

pay for free” that’s any oxymoron …isn’t it? In the early days it was “includes upgrade 2 day free shipping” (pre-pandemic)

Grave misunderstanding - there is no membership! Tablo does function without a subscription, one accounet, I suspect it’s comparable to Recast without Prime or AirTV without paying Sing for added services.
Lets not forget, you need to pay for internet service to watch your free OTA show once you’ve recorded them. Tablo FAQs: Do I Need Internet to Use a Tablo OTA DVR?

Along those lines: OTA DVRs don’t seem to have a 1:1 comparison. There differences vary more than many other devices of the “same type”. So if one really does not fit someones’ needs, very likely, another may have just what they need. My view, tablo come close to a one-size-fits-all, so of course there’s going to be some missing “things” for some, and way too much for others.