I'm so confused. New user - Dual HDMI

I setup my new Tablo Dual HDMI yesterday. I was successful in scanning for channels and connecting to my wi-fi. Once I started watching TV I kept getting connection error. I would refresh and the channel would come back on for a few minutes then the same thing, this happened on all channels. (Note: I never dropped a channel hooked up to my TV tuner directly).

Somewhere I read this issue could be more of an internet issue than an antenna issue. I relocated one of my wi-fi pods to directly behind the Tablo. I show “excellent” connection in my Tablo now (I don’t know what it was before) but so far today I have not dropped any channels.

OK now the rabbit hole… I am a little confused on the capability of this model. A few questions:

  1. Will I be able to stream to other devices even though I am connected to my main TV with an HDMI? I downloaded the app to my phone but it says no Tablo found. I also check my connected devices through Xfinity and Tablo does not show, but I am connected. I also show my SN in my account and everything looks good.

  2. I press up on the remote to get to the guide. I only show current shows and the next upcoming show. I do not show anything else, no option to get to settings, movies, etc. If I unplug the Tablo power and reboot then I do get the extended guide and all options on left side of screen but once I exit that it goes back to only displaying 2-3 hours of TV shows. What am I doing wrong?

Please help and thank you.

The HDMI models are limited to certain streaming devices, see the following article.

Thanks. The description says I should be able to stream to Roku or Amazon Firestick in addition to the HDMI. I downloaded the app but it cannot find the Tablo. What am I missing?

“Somewhere I read” - on Tablo Community forums? or like facebook when someone said, and that’s it? How are you watching TV via your tablo? HDMI connected or using some other device over your wifi? Don’t understand how the internet comes into play.

what? antenna or HDMI?

“1.” was answered, but it’s also readily available on the product page Tablo DUAL HDMI OTA DVR
on the store page “Please check the requirements for your specific model on its respective product page.”

“2.” in the guide or Live TV Grid?

On Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo the FAQs

Only see 1 day of guide data? indicator

The Live TV grid guide will usually show 24 hours of data. The additional 13 days are split up into the Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies and Sports tabs.

Tablo customers with a TV Guide Service subscription using Roku devices can enable a full 14-day live TV grid in the settings screen.

A 14-day Live TV Grid is standard on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and TV-Connected Tablo DVRs with active TV Guide Data Service subscriptions.

They put all the info fairly easy to find and very low-tech explanations.


*This feature requires an active TV Guide Data Service subscription.

If the video is clean but stops and starts (stutters) the cause is most likely a poor Wi-Fi signal either from your router to your device (tablet, smartphone, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV etc.) or from the Tablo to your router if you are using Wi-Fi for the connection. Try moving to a different Wi-Fi channel, upgrade to a router that supports the 5Ghz bandwidth, try an Ethernet connection or move the router closer to the Tablo or to where you are using your device. www.tablotv.com/reception

I’m guessing the above info from the Tablo support page would be more for the streaming service but that’s not how I originally read it. I still haven’t had any issues since I added a pod so this issue is irrelevant/solved. I am connected by an outdoor antenna - Tablo - HDMI to my TV. How else would I be hooked up? I said I can’t stream.

what? antenna or HDMI?

Antenna to antenna jack on TV - I had no dropping issues until Tablo was installed. AGAIN, it hasn’t happened since I brought in a pod. Makes no sense I know. Maybe there is another factor involved that I’m not aware of and it’s just coincidence. I’m not concerned about it at this point.

“1.” was answered

Not quite. I have the initial free subscription plus I signed up for the year. I downloaded the Tablo app on my Firestick and Roku. The app searches but does not find my Tablo box. Either it’s not compatible, I’m not doing something right or there is an issue. I assume the Tablo needs to broadcast to the Firestick app somehow but it’s not.

“2.” in the guide or Live TV Grid?

If I press the up arrow on the remote I see current and next TV show only, not even 24 hours worth. If I reboot the Tablo the first thing that comes up is the 14 day guide and the shortcuts on the left side to movies, setting etc. I just figured out if I hit the back button twice I can get the full guide as well. Is this the normal way to access?

Your reference for “reception issues” states

poor Wi-Fi signal either from your router to your device (tablet, smartphone, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV etc.)

But you said you weren’t steaming - from router to device… you’re using HDMI. No mention of it being an internet issue.

Over your local network, through your router. Presumably the FireStick is wifi, the tablo, ideally wired but is suppose to work via wifi. If it’s wifi, it can’t be a “guest” wifi, no check box for isolating clients. Presuming your tablo is connected to the same network as your FireStick or Roku, you don’t have any vpn or security “features”? --it does not broadcast, it streams over the network (virtually the same and services via the internet)

As for the specific operations of your HDMI remote, sorry I’m not familiar. Unfortunately tablo doesn’t focus so much on a “schedule” as much as presenting the programs and a means to schedule them. I suspect it goes back to the beginning when device was marketed more a just a DVR, then mentioned, and watch live TV as well.

Just wondering, if you can watch TV via your TV, why not? Are the recordings messed up? or just watching live TV?

Then there’s always the Tablo Support | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo …but I understand no one really likes that route if it can be avoided.

Thanks for info. I just pulled the comcast cord on Friday and figured I’d give the Tablo a try. I might just run the antenna straight to the TV but I like having the guide and DVR option, not to mention I wanted to stream to another TV. I’ll keep playing with the settings. It would have been nice if the quick start guide mentioned how to pull up the full guide. Now that I know I can hit Back 2x to get it, I’m good with that.