I'm not seeing any thumbnails on anything I've recorded

Hello. This is my first post here in the community. I just hooked up my Tablo yesterday and have been enjoying learning about how everything works, but in my case, I have not been able to record anything that shows any thumbnails.

I have read every topic I can find on the subject, and I understand you have to give it a certain amount of time to generate the tiles, which I have done (some recording from last night still not showing any thumbnails), and I am making sure I’m not recording or watching anything else, since the main article said the thumbnails require another tuner (really?!) and like one person suggested, I’ve rebooted both my router and the Tablo. So I am stumped as to why I don’t see any thumbnails. Could this be because I’m currently only using the Cloud DVR feature? I haven’t had a chance to purchase an external HD yet. Do the thumbnails only generate if you’re using a hard drive?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I really can’t speak about the cloud DVR feature, I’ve never used it. Here’s a link to Tablo FAQ where I think (and I could be wrong) that you may be having issues is There is an Error in the Recording. I have a channel within my reception area where I do not get thumbnail generation, because the channel’s reception is not “clean”. The signal is powerful enough to record/view the channel with a 4-5 dot rating (can’t really remember the exact rating) by my tablo unit, but the signal has a poor Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Too much of one thing with your OTA signal can and will affect your tablo recordings. Reach out to Tablo Support when you get a chance. They should be able to help out/ answer why your thumbnail generation isn’t working properly.

Thanks for the reply. I did check out that Tablo FAQ page before posting, but it didn’t provide much help in my case. After reading your comments, I did try recording a program on my local CBS channel, which is the strongest signal out of all of my channels, but it did not generate any thumbnails. Hopefully, someone else might have a solution. That Tablo Support page doesn’t really offer any specific support from what I could figure out, just more search options leading to more topics I’ve already checked out. Anyway, thanks again.

Edited to add that I checked out that Support page again, and I did see there is a way to either email or call support for help. I might try that.

Please do! The team would be happy to take a peek and see what’s up.

Okay, I figured out the problem with the thumbnails. I finally connected an external hard drive to my Tablo - which completely rebooted the unit, because my Roku TV would not even recognize the Tablo and I had to basically reinstall it from scratch - but after doing that, I now have thumbnail previews on my recorded programs!
So, for anyone else that might have this problem in the future, I guess the thumbnails won’t generate if you’re just using the Cloud DVR, you have to use an external hard drive.