If you're having reception problems you *need* a signal strength meter

Like many people we’ve had problems with a couple of channels. It was always a pain trying to get the antenna positioned just right. You make a change and then it takes almost two minutes to see the result as you wait for the ‘fresh’ signal to work through the system to the TV.

Saw the threads here and went shopping. Found the “KING SL1000 SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder” on Amazon and risked the $26. There’s a cheaper one but it’s sold under about a dozen names and most of the reviews point out how it’s a piece of junk. This one works great.

Read and follow the simple directions. I hooked it up directly to the antenna. The directions say to set the gain on the until all the way up. Set that way we weren’t even close to all the lights being on. We were getting about 1.5 lights. Much fiddling about and eventually changing to a different antenna and I was able to get to 3 lights, plus a bit of a flicker. Re-scanned and all the channels are showing a full 5 stars (well, except for ones from a town an hour away on the opposite side of our house that we don’t watch). Checked our two problem channels and both are coming in great!

If you’re getting all the lights on when you start then you’re supposed to turn the gain down until the last light flickers and adjust to try to get it back on solid. If you do then keep repeating this until you can’t get it any better.

We could have saved ourselves some money on antennas and a lot of time if we’d gotten this sooner.


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