If Live TV is paused and then unpaused after the live show ends, the remaining content of the live show is available

Currently if I’m watching a live show, I may pause it. If I select “Play” after the actual live show has ended, I get directed to the current live show instead of the show I had paused.

It would be great if: when live tv is paused, the content gets buffered/recorded up to when that live show ends or as long as space on the disc is available. That way I don’t miss the end of the live show if I can’t restart before the live show ends.

The current workaround is to select the channel (left-side of TV grid) instead of the actual show. That way the channel will be recorded instead of just the show. If I’m going to pause for longer than a minute or 2 then I always record the remainder of the show.

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Just for clarity, simply selecting the channel in the guide doesn’t start anything recording.

It kind of does. recording as in transcoding content and creating a playlist for streaming.

http://tabloIP:18080/pvr in browser. Start a live TV… simply select a channel. Refresh the browser… notice a new number/directory ? (possibility at the bottom, last modified) Click on it.

  1. click on segs and continue refresh-refresh-refresh, notice file size increasing? and the time of Last Modified change? eventually the segs will increment.
  2. click on pl refresh-refresh-refresh notice the size of several playlist increase and the time of Last Modified change?

that’s the live TV being transcoded, saved to disk so it can be streamed - synonyms with recording

Step further, from another topic, stop viewing, even disconnect app from tablo… the recording continues (note: there is no streaming or network in use)

Recorded in a buffered way that keeps it temporarily vs actually recording from when you started viewing live for later playback are not the same thing. At least I would think that’s the case since you can’t start a program recording that you are viewing live and have it from the beginning when you go back to play the recording. The general user will equate the use of the word ‘recording’ with being able to go back later after the program is no longer live and view that recording.

This may be select channel vs select program from guide “thing”

Replied to post refered to selecting channel in guide. Responding about viewing a program (presuming it was selected from grid)

“for later playback”. Could be relative. In the second post later for @lindagiles is their viewing session - pausing. Your context, after an undertinined time it stops and there is no going back.

In another topic a user misunderstood recording as taboo converting data and sending across their entire network…
If we can clarify terms, share what we’ve learned ourselves along the way, I hope it helps, not trying to be difficult

Thanks everyone for the responses and work-around info. Does anyone know if there is there a plan then to fix the issue by temporarily transcoding the selected live show till the end?

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How is it defined what needs fixed -on which device, how each individual perceives “the right way”?

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