Identical show on two channels, what happens?

I had a show with a failed recording due to signal interference. It auto-recorded a repeat, but that was an SD copy. I have manually set a recording for an HD repeat. This is on a classic Tablo HDMI. Just wonder if that will cause any problems, or will it simply show two copies of the same season/episode?

It won’t cause any problems and it will show two copies of the same season/episode.

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I live smack-dab between two major markets. A city about 55 miles north and one 55 miles south. Because of this I usually get duplicates of most programs. Also, because of this, the north channels or south channels may fail to record due to the variety of typical OTA problems. I have my Tablo setup to record duplicates to increase my chances of getting at least one good recording.

Last night I recorded 5 “new” programs on my 8 year old Tablo as well as on my new 4th gen. It was kind of a competition. Both models had the exact same results. All the north channels failed due to weak signals. The south channels worked fine.