Idea to distribute content throughout church facility

All as I manage all technology for my church I’m looking for an inexpensive way to allow viewing of our services as announcements from any television in the facility. As an avid user of Tablo at home for a couple of years here is my idea…

Use an RF modulator upstream of a Tablo 4 tuner device.
Set the modulator to an unused channel - VHF 3.0 for instance
Will the table see the channel when scanning?
If so each Rocku TV or device running the Tablo app would be able to go to Channel 3.0 on the program guide to view the channel.
I would add other RF modulators for additional otherwise unused frequencies for an announcement loop channel, etc.
Compared to using NDI encoding and decoding this seems like the most inexpensive option. Any thoughts?
All I need is an RF modulator to test with - I found a few on Amazon with good reviews.

Any thoughts or advise from support or those who have tried would be appreciated.



Would think that Plex might be a better fit here (?)

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The majority of the cheap rf modulators listed on Amazon convert the input signal to an NTSC analog signal which is not compatible with Tablo. The ATSC rf converters usually cost $200 or more depending on the features. If you are looking for an inexpensive way, I’m not sure this would be the best choice, especially since you stated wanting to add multiple sources on different channels.

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You may want to take a look at the Roku “built-in” photo display app. You could make each “slide” or announcement in a simple .jpeg editor, and upload to the Roku site, for display on your Roku units around the property.

As mentioned those will most likely be analog. I’ve never seen a reasonably priced ATSC RF convertor and I’ve looked because I ran a min cable system in out home in the long ago analog days. I had planed to do it again till I saw the price tag.

You could run a DLNA server(file server) on a computer then use Roku Media player on all the devices. All Roku devices have an interface called ECP that would let you change the image over the local network using http calls as if they were a set of slides. That should also work with video and music although synchronizing sound is tough. If you need to synchronize video @cjcox suggestion of Plex might work better.

Plex can do videos with pre-rolls, slide shows, even DVR and live TV if configured correctly and you have Plex Pass.

Another person suggested Roku, which might be a part of the “plan” should you go Plex anyhow (depends). Roku is a cheap way of delivering content via something like an attached USB drive, with that said, some smart TVs may already have such a feature.

For me, for ultimate flexibility and control, I’d go “whatever” TVs with networked Rokus and a Plex server. Some might also suggest instead a Kodi server (YMMV, I’d still go Plex).

Edit: Let me add, if all has to be “same” display and must be insync, you’ll have a single “source” and a multiplexed output to all displays instead. Which you might like more.

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When you mentioned Plex I was thinking about the Plex “Watch Together” feature specifically. As you well know synchronization is the hardest part although I’m no expert on that feature.

EDIT: That extender/splitter looks like a real solid option!

EDIT2: It’s also helpful if the TV has “video game” or “PC” mode turned on when you need audio truly in sync. TV’s have different processing times and that mode eliminates some of that.

Seems antiquated and/or overkill, or I’m miss reading.

Couldn’t each “TV” use it’s own tuner to receive Channel 3.1 [digital]?

You really mostly just want a slide show? Not sure the budget for tablo, RF transmitter and Roku - have you considered PC Stick (plug directly into HDMI)? Reasonably inexpensive. Just network your systems and stream your show for a network share? You could “remote in” to each.

LOL I accidentally deleted my post instead of edit and can’t undelete it.

I tested my Roku/DLNA server/Roku media player setup with pictures. I’m not suggesting it for video but it works great for pictures. You create a folder of the pictures and open the first one with Roku Media player. The picture can be on a DLNA server or a USB/SD card in the Roku. It will try to start a slideshow but if you press pause you can navigate them on your own using right and left. Alternately you can use http to navigate the pictures. Here is a little script that could be put in a bat file.

curl -d '' ""
curl -d '' ""
curl -d '' ""

goto start

Then you run the bat file and all the Roku will cycle through a pictures every time you hit a key. Replace the IP address with those of the Roku devices you want to control. Should be no problem controlling as many as you like.


Im mostly wanting to take my live streams from our atem video switcher and propresenter and distribute them on a coupme of channels. Our announcements will already be set up in pro presenter so I don’t want volunteers to have to go and create slideshows somewhere else.

I want the flexibility to leverage existing wireless networks to be able to place TV’s anywhere in the facility and be able to display sign boards or the service for those who are unable to be in the sanctuary. The goal here is not to run coax to every single TV which is what I’m trying to avoid doing (HDMI/SDI or or cat 6 for an NDI signal).

These live feeds only occur during active church service times for a couple hours each week.

Thank you. This is the information im looking for.

Thanks for the information. I’m pushing out live feeds from our atem video switcher and pro presenter only during service times. The flexability of leveraging the wireless network to place displays “anywhere” and not runnung wiring will justify several hundred dollars for modulators.

Thanks for everybody’s ideas and information. Is anyone familiar with Thor?

I may start testing one of these and will post results. They have an impressive customer list including NASA and many US government entities. The price isn’t that bad considering the reliability factor involved was buying from them versus a Chinese product on on Amazon.

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Definitely let us know how it works out! It seems a bit Rube Goldberg. Is it going to be a problem having the audio out of sync? Not sure if there is even audio. Also keep in mind a Tablo can only stream to 6 devices at the same time. I’m thinking with your budget something like below would be a better fit. Not that i’m recomending that device specifically.

Here is a different model.

You would probably use a camera viewer app on a Roku TV to view the stream.

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Pissibly, up to 6 recorded only max number of tuners live.

If the Tablo uses Wi-Fi to connect to your home router, the number of simultaneous views could be cut in half

Best typo ever!

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Ok I’ve sanitized things. As many find this project interesting - as it is.

In the context of information distribution it’s overkill if not reinventing the wheel analogy.

I understand churches have limited resources, and no tech support. Building a proprietary system using technology not designed nor intended… While overly user friendly technolgy is there and accessible to a broader audience.

Maybe just missing a piece of the bigger picture.