Idea Regarding interference from Old Topic

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If you have your TabloTV on a metal grid and do experience interference and you have an outside antenna which should be properly grounded, you can try putting a grounding block between the coax jack and the tablo TV with a ground wire to the metal grid. That should keep the metal grid at the same potential as the coaxial ground and may eliminate the interference it is creating. Kind of like how an EMF shield works.

I haven’t tried, but the shelf for the TabloTV we will be getting is metal grid and I’m kind of hoping there will be interference just so I can try…

Never run a ground wire from coaxial grounding block to a source of ground inside the house, as that will create a ground loop.

Maybe, that was one incident, with a model with a differently designed case. The overall issue was heat, with no/or little discussion how/if it resolved.

There are many other post from users with various cooling things with no problem, including metal.