I want to buy a subscription but cant

I am in NJ my tablo is in Va. My free ride is over. I went to buy a lifetime subscription only to find out you need your serial number to access your account. well thats on the tablo. soooo I cant give the tablo people any money or remote access my tablo until next month.

I would send a copy of my key to a friend who lives close to my Tablo.

Yes. It may come to that !

Tag support I am sure they can work something out

If you connect to http://my.tablotv.com/ remotely, navigate to the Settings screen and scroll all the way to the bottom. In the ‘About’ section, you’ll see a line for your ‘MAC Address’.

Send us your MAC address (or PM me) and we’ll be able to covert this to your serial number so that you can register for your subscription.

I think that ship has sailed, cuz he mentioned his free ride was over already.
Proudly increasing my metaphor usage by 200%. :wink:
Depressingly googling definition of metaphor to make sure I was using it correctly. :frowning:

Yes. That ship has sailed. no remote access anymore. Good to know for other people though. Will just have to wait until I am back down there.

@ScottM - Any chance you named your Tablo something unique? We might be able to track it down that way.

Just PM’ed you the name. its unique. can you PM me a serial number ?



It pays to be creative when you name your Tablo :wink:

How do you know it’s unique?
What if it’s RadicalTablo, like mine? :wink:

We can search by Tablo name in our support database.

It will show all of the Tablos with a particular name, so if your Tablo is called ‘Tablo’ that’s not much help :smiley:

Adding Radical is much more helpful.

Thanks for the fast reply. I bought the subscription but it still says remote streaming is disabled. Can I access my Tablo remotely or did you just figure out a way to take my money only ?