I think my Tablo Dual Lite requires factory reset to change WiFi network

I spent most of the day testing this.I was only able to change WIFi network after doing factory reset (which wipes out all settings and saved recordings). I tried all manner of push blue button, reset router, power down Tablo, etc. The basic problem is I could not get “Tablo_XXXX” to show on my nearby networks to start the process. Only a factory reset enabled this. Even when I could connect to Tablo_XXXX, I could not assign Tablo to my guest network. Is there a limitation here?. I could only get it to change to the main network of the router. I do have Guest as “Do not access local LAN” and anything connected to guest gets assigned a different subnet from the main clients. Is that an issue?. This process seems more difficult than it should be. Because a factory reset is so catastrophic, I am really trying to understand this before I fully back this horse.

Did you try the steps outlined here.

This would be a major problem since your Tablo must be on the same subnet as all of your streaming devices.

As for your problem of not being able to change your wifi network, @tpl126 suggestion above should have allowed you to switch to a different wifi network without a factory reset.

How do you expect your streaming devices to connect to the Tablo when you’re forcing the Tablo to a different network that can’t access the main LAN? That’s just not going to work.

Update: Following @tpl126 suggestion above does work for switching networks…so long as it is not the guest network.

When trying to connect to the guest network, the streaming device was a laptop also connected to same guest network, so it should have worked. Trying to switch to guest network with laptop on same guest network, Tablo_XXXX never shows to complete setup. This is what drove me to do the factory reset in the first place

If the guest network is set up to “not allow local LAN”, then no they’re not going to be able to communicate. That setting forces all devices on that network to only be able to connect to addresses outside the router (the internet). No device to device communication is allowed.

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After Factory Reset the Tablo Dual is like new so the only way to connect to any wifi network is the the Tablo App installed on PC/MAC or Apple/Android smartphone or tablet. Once I did that my wifi problem was solved.