I think I'm finally complete!

By that I mean my cable -> OTR/Stream transition has finally tilted. AND by that I mean Sling TV fulfilled my Jones for channels that until now have been only obtainable by nefarious means which opens the user up to all kinds of bad stuff. Early in July, the Golf Channel made it’s debut along with NBC Sports. Along with all the FOX stations they made available a few months ago, it’s quite a sports fans’ smorgasbord! And now, the NFL Network and Red Zone are added for free! I just about choked on my chai when I saw those two this morning! Thanks to an earlier post here about watching the Olympics, I ‘splurged’ a week ago by switching from the Orange Package for $20 a month to the Blue Package for $25 plus another $5 for the NBC Sports/Golf extra package. Just missing the ESPN stations now but if I want to ‘splurge’ again, I can get it all for $40 a month! Combined with Tablo, I think I’m set! I feel so free!:joy:

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You can use your Sling TV credentials to log into the WatchESPN app.

Sling TV looking much more like cable everyday. To get all the channels I would want from them. I would need the $40 package plus the sports extra for $5 and there would be still channels they offer on other tiers that I would be interested in but not willing to dish out more $$$. They purposely split up channels like ESPN and Fox Sports, HGTV and DIY, etc. into different tiers. I want 10-15 channels of MY CHOICE and then I WILL BE COMPLETE!

I was able to with the Orange pack but since switching over to the Blue, no more. I can always find their content elsewhere if I really want to…

Hm… According to what I read here http://help.sling.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Can-I-use-my-Sling-TV-credentials-to-log-on-to-the-WatchESPN-app-26?c=Topics%3Aasd I was under the impression you ought to be able to use the Sling Blue credentials, but not the Orange credentials. I read ESPN isn’t included in the Blue tier because of their licensing agreement with Fox Sports.

Perhaps you should contact Sling for clarification.

No, once you’ve switched over to the Blue, the ESPN apps go away unless you get both of course. I was able to use the WatchESPN apps on Roku and Android with no problem with the Orange package but the same day I switched to the Blue, I was shut out of both.