I Notice Wifi Initial Setup Missing Security Option?

Am running wifi on my setup… It works ok… Once awhile, I do get drops but not too often… Just wondering on the initial setup there’s an option for SSID and Password but not Security… Maybe this will address the drops I’m having?

When you set up the Tablo, you are just entering the SSID (WiFi name) and password of your currently running wireless network. This wireless network is run by your modem / router, which you had before the Tablo. The type of security is dictated by how you setup your modem / router. The Tablo does not broadcast it’s own WiFi network, it just connects to your current one.

What is the make and model of your router?

I have the Netgear Nighthawk R7000… It’s kinda’ odd coz’ my laptop, iPhone, Amazon Fire stick TV have this Security (WEP/WAP/WPA2) option to check first before get connected to my router or I won’t get connected at all and the Tablo device doesn’t? I guess this Tablo is one smart device that it reads my router’s security setup and get connected?

Tablo doesn’t broadcast Wifi… Mine also… I don’t broadcast my wifi…

Yes, the Tablo will auto-negotiate whichever security type your router uses, so if it uses WPA2 AES, that is what the Tablo will use when you enter the password.

@theuser86 Thanks… Good to know… I did find out here that Tablo supports WPA and WPA2 authentication for Wi-Fi only… so I guess if you’re using anything else such as WEP for security then it will not work… All good… Too unusual though for me that security authentication is not given right in front of me to choose…just like any devices am used to… and that’s why when wifi signal drops… I would be thinking if it’s one of the culprit…

How did you fix your issue for the WiFi dropping?

Optimizing Tablo’s Database to avoid being corrupt, by filtering only solid green signal Channels and limiting only up to 35 channels registered on my Tablo… Not a 100% of course but I would say 90% it’s been working perfect and took care of the drop… The 10% drop factors on using too much resources (Using all Tuners, Recording & Streaming) at the same time, server hiccup while updating, poor broadcast reception and things that basically beyond my control… Since then, It’s been working great…