I need help to reconnect my Tablo!

I have a Tablo Dual Lite, I lost power the other day and now my Tablo device won’t reconnect. Using the reset button didn’t solve anything. How do I go about solving this?? HELP!!!

If rebooting the Tablo doesn’t help, try rebooting your router as well as the devices using to connect to the Tablo. Rebooting the router solves a lot of connection issues.

I have same problem. Rebooted everything but it still cannot find Tablo. This happens quite often and maybe a day or 2 it will just start working. I hate when this happens as I have to miss all the news for the day.

So, is there no definite fix to this problem and i have to wait for a day?

You would need to give us more details about your configuration. A lot of us don’t have any issues with being able to access our networked Tablo units so if you are having issues it may be a network issue of some type.