I need help installing a Tablo Quad

I need help setting up a Tablo Quad. Some background information … my wifi router is in the upstairs den. My antenna cable comes into the house downstairs in the family room. The family room is almost directly below the den (maybe 15 feet away). In the family room is my TV, a Roku, and an Apple TV. All of these have no problem receiving a strong enough wifi signal. A few months ago, I purchased a Tablo Quad and tried to install it in the family room … because that is where the antenna cable is. The Tablo could not receive a wifi signal strong enough to make it work. I ended up returning the Tablo … but I really want to use a Tablo. It seems my options are 1) split my antenna cable and run one split into the den. This requires me to drill a hole in the outer wall of my house but I could directly plug the Tablo into my router. This is the cheapest alternative. and 2) buy a wifi extender … but I hear these can be iffy. This is the easiest option but more expensive and not necessarily reliable.
My question … is there another alternative? Does the Tablo have a weak wifi receiver. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I use MOCA adapters from ActionTec. So my router and cable modem are in a small office downstairs, while my Tablos are upstairs in my bonus room (being higher up in my house definitely helps my antenna reception). I have cable outlets in both places, so I use two adapters to connect the two, and it is just like being directly wired (doing a speed test from an upstairs computer is at 300 Mbps download, while I usually only get 100-150 Mbps on wifi on other devices). I just use a small 8 port switch upstairs so multiple devices can take advantage of the network speed.

Note, it does require a MOCA filter on your cable line outside your home (it’s cheap and small, but necessary).

You can use Powerline adapters to create a wired connection between your router and your tablo DVR. Works great for me.

Power line adapter is a good option if you do not have cable outlet