I need a leanback interface toggle for Android app

New Tablo user here. Mostly impressed, but I knew I would be after all the research I did before buying. Works great on my Roku 4 and Android 4.4.4 tablet. I also have an Andriod TV box running 5.1.1 and that’s where I have the problem.

The TV box is controlled with a simple infrared remote that came with the box. It works great for navigating through the menus and launching apps. Unfortunately, Tablo for android mainly uses a touch centric interface that isn’t compatible with the remote, making it impossible to use Tablo on the TV box. Every once in a while it launches with the leanback interface that I have seen on the web app, and when it does it works great. I can’t seem to control when that happens though. I need a toggle like in the web app to force the android app to use the leanback interface all the time every time.

I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but surely you can see the need for this.

@Supersnail - Hrm, the app should detect that you’re viewing it on a leanback device and automatically give it to you but it sounds like the detection is failing in some instances.

What Android TV box are you using?

It’s the MXQ PLUS Amlogic S905 4K TV Box
Not expensive, but full featured none the less.

Hrm… We don’t have one of those to test unfortunately.

I will let our Android team know, but it may be quite difficult to diagnose since we don’t officially support that device.

Why not just add the feature that way you don’t have to worry if you support the device or not. The app works, it just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Add the option to force it because it’s not doing it on its own.

Get a real Android TV box, problem solved.

Those knock off chinese android boxes are nothing more than cheap android tablets with hdmi out thrown in.

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Well… that was very helpful. Everything works but Tablo, and somehow it’s because I have a “knock off”.
For the price, this box has great hardware and software specs. Not everyone is going to have a nexus or roku. All they have to do is implement a toggle for leanback, and it’ll fix the problem for everyone who might run into this problem now and in the future.

The thing is that we DO have a toggle for leanback in the settings screen, but it only appears when it detects that you’re NOT on a mobile device which it seems like your box isn’t consistent with for some reason.

Everything works but Tablo

Tablo is working just fine. Your device is not an “Android TV” device. Your device is running the mobile version of Android, not Android TV, and thus, Tablo is not giving you a leanback option. That is what makes it a “knock of.” They market it as Android TV, but its not really. Its just an Android device that you connect to the TV.

I would be willing to bet that most if not all other apps also do not give you the leanback versions.


Is it possible to make that selection persistent? It would make life easier for us cheap knock off owners… even though I already said that everything works but tablo :expressionless:

I totally concur with Supersnail’s suggestion. This is exactly what the Plex client does (offers the option). I have entered a feature request at Add TV (Leanback) Option to Tablo Android App.

I live a few blocks from your HQ. If you need to borrow a unit to test with, contact me. BTW, I have a Himedia H8 from Canada Computers (Android 5.1.1).

I have the same problem. It works great with Nvidia Box but with Minix I can’t control with Minix remote. I need to use Mouse…
Same App but when installs it changes the way it controls.

You wrong. It’s the program and not the box.