I may have to buy a Roku

I may be looking to buy a Roku since Apple refuses to update the Apple TV with an App Store. I currently have good luck using plex on the AppleTV. But it looks like TabloTV is going to be putting a lot of effort into making the Roku the better choice.

To confirm, you have tried the Tablo Plex channel and used PlexConnect on the ATV?

Yes I have hacked my trailers app on my AppleTV to run Plex. and run Plex media server with the Tablo Plex channel on my MacBook Pro.

The Roku app works well but it ain’t pretty so I would buy a Roku from a store with a return policy. They’ve made a lot of stability improvements in the Roku app but not to the UI yet.

So it’s nothing like the app for the iPad? iPad with Tablo app and airplay to AppleTV = good. Tablo Plex channel with AppleTV = Better. Tablo iPad app on the AppleTV = AWESOME.

Correct the Roku channel does not look like the iPad app.

Gotta agree.
Would love to see the Roku Tablo app be similar to the iPad app.
My wife hated that we had to stream from the iPad to the ATV so picked up a Roku for the main TV.
Not pretty but it does the job.

I would wait for them to develop something for the nexus player instead. It might look close to the android app if they get that working.

We’re working on the ‘pretty’ for the Roku. And adding support for additional streaming media players. Stay tuned!

Woot.com has Roku’s on sale for today only … 

@ericgus and that is a good price too 64.99 for a Roku 3!


@ericgus @jestep I believe that price is for a refurb unit, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Just so everybody knows.

We have 4 Roku 3s, one is “new” ($80), the others are refurbs and at least 2 I got for that $65 price.  We’ve been cord cutters for just a little over one year now… no problems.