I have to restart my Quad 4 Every day

When this thing works it’s great but it is also extremely frustrating. I have to hit the restart button on the back of the unit every day and if it’s been a few hours since I watched during the same day, I have to hit it again. I can’t just sit down on my couch and enjoy TV on the Tablo system. It simply won’t connect until I have hit that damned button on the back and wait for the unit’s LED to stop flashing. Then it will let me connect. This system is a pain in the rear end. Anyone else having this issue?

Have you reserved the Tablo IP address on your router?

I have the same problem. Irritating, to say the least. I’m still in my 30 day free trial period, and if this issue (along with too many buffering issues and inability to skip commercials too often when I record some shows) persists, I’m going to return my Tablo. Strange that I can watch a program via my OTA antenna without any problems, but when I watch the same program via Tablo/Roku using the SAME antenna, I have buffering and disconnect problems. Disappointed in Tablo, to say the least. For all these reasons, I don’t have a lot of confidence in YouTube’s Antenna Man who seems to think Tablo is the be-all and end-all.

It sounds like you have a problem with your LAN speed. What a the details of your network setup? No one here can help you without more infromation.

LAN speed, or signal strength since the direct to TV vs through Tablo is an apples and oranges comparison since the Tablo has an internal splitter (although also an amplifier to be fair).


Who are your responding to? If it was me, here is an example of confirmation of the internal amplifier…

TabloTV on Twitter: “@CottageOven That’s correct! Tablo has 2 or 4 internal tuners, with a built-in pre-amplifier to mitigate signal loss. Tablo then distributes the signal to multiple devices via your home WiFi network.” / Twitter

Sorry, I guess I used the wrong link.

Here’s an actual tech support article

Receiving one or two channels on your TV, but not your Tablo:

The main difference between the Tablo and a traditional TV is that the Tablo has multiple tuners - so that you can watch and record multiple shows at once.

The drawback here is a small loss in DB when the signal is split. We use amplified splitting technology to mitigate for this loss, so it’s nearly negligible. In some rare cases, you could have one channel on your TV that doesn’t appear on the Tablo.

Why do you believe it’s necessary to press the blue button? What steps have you tried?

There’s an “Antenna Man” who has a channel on youtube, but he’s not part of youtube.

There are many people on these forums that would love to help you with your Tablo problems.
But more details are needed regarding your setup…

  1. What model of Tablo do you have?
  2. How is your Tablo connected to you network? (Wifi or Ethernet)?
  3. What streaming device do you use and how is it connected to your network?
  4. Where is your Tablo located within your home?

There probably will be many more questions, but this is the starting point for the folks in this forum to be able to help you troubleshoot the problems you are having with your Tablo.