I have to reset Tablo each time changing channels

Just finished installing my Tablo QUAD 4-Tuner -WiFi.
Each time when I change to a different TV channel, I have to go back and click on the Tablo app again. How can I keep the Tablo app activated for good?

Is this a HDMI unit or a networked unit? If it’s a networked unit, what device are you using with it (i.e. Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.)?

And are you saying you have to re-open the actual app or that you simply need to exit the live playback to change channels?

No, it’s not a HDMI hook up, it’s WiFi connected. I don’t use any other devices. I have a Sony Bravia Tv which is good for streaming reception. I don’t have to reopen the app, I think the Tablo app is still open, I just have to click on it to wake it up again.

Are you changing channels within the Tablo app or on the TV?

Since you are not using a separate streaming device, I’m assuming that your TV remote has buttons similar to streaming devices to move up or down and side to side. Are those the buttons you are using to change channels?

So you are saying you have the Tablo app installed directly on your Sony Bravia TV (i.e. it’s running Android TV/Google TV or Roku? Sorry, I don’t know what OS options Sony offers.)?

Yes, I was told by Tablo Tech to download the app through Google play Store to my Sony TV.

Yes, I’m changing channels within the Tablo Channel Guide on the TV. I only have to use the up and down buttons to select the channel I want, and then the center button to confirm. On the next screen I will click on the View button which will bring me to a blank screen. Now I go back to Apps and select Tablo app and click on the open option button.

Have you tried changing channels via Quick Channel select to see if the behavior is any different?

I will look into it tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.

Well, I solved the problem. I bought the Amazon Fire TV stick. So far no problems. I think my 5 year old Sony Bravia SMART Tv was just not up to it. I ordered 2 more of the Fire sticks for my other two TV’s. One is a newer Samsung Smart Tv, but I also had a problem connecting Tablo to it. The third TV is a older small 18" Panasonic (non smart) we have on the kitchen counter, it has one HDMI input. If it doesn’t work, I will buy a new one. Thank you for responding to my original problem.

Makes me wonder if the hardware of the TV just wasn’t sufficient for the Tablo app for a good experience.

Amazon delivered the 2 fireTv’s before 6AM this morning. I installed both of them, and they both worked great on Tablo.