I hate to do this, but

I have contacted Tablo support via their web site about 6 times requesting a password reset for my Tablo account, because my original 30 days subscription has run out, and I would like to pay Tablo for a years subscription. However, if no one there ever responds to my multiple requests for a password reset, I guess I can’t pay Tablo for a subscription, and I cant use my Tablo as a DVR…

Maybe contact @TabloTV or @TabloSupport here ?

Done it for the last two weeks, no response.  I really just want to sign up for a one year subscription, but I need my password reset by Tablo.

@lewit57 - Sorry to hear that. We haven’t been ignoring you on purpose - I promise! Something must have gone a bit wonky. 

Are you requesting a password reset through the My Tablo Account portal? Are you sure you’re requesting a reset from the same email you used to sign up? Just trying to understand exactly what you’re doing so we can get this fixed up. 

If you send a PM w/ your email address to @TabloSupport we’ll fix this up for you first thing today through the back end.

Thanks guys, just wanted to sign up for a year’s subscription, but when I enter the password I thought I used (this was all set up the same weekend I was setting up accounts for Roku, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) it tells me that it is not the right one. Just want to do a password reset. I have left message @TabloSuppport.

@lewit57 I sent you a response last week - sounds like something didn’t come through? Sending you some details in a PM.

Thanks for your help, the issue has been resolved.