I give up on Remote Streaming

I admit that Tablo has been very responsive to my issue, but I now believe that my inability to remote stream must be hardware related as I have tried every option to fix it (constant buffering regardless of Live TV or remote streaming settings over my 100M/100M internet verified). I’ve spent money on mulitple hard drives, wireless routers, powerline connectors, and ethernet cables. I’ve reset, reloaded, re-initialized, resynced, deleted, and re-installed Apps, databases, port forwarding settings, settings in general on Roku, Firestick, Android, IOS, Chrome OS, Windows, all to no avail. I’ve set the device to allow the Tablo folks to connect for troubleshooting mulitple times, I’ve run the “Route this helps” app and sent them the secret code. I’ve tried multiple antennas from the flat stick on the wall types (worthless) to outdoor professionally mounted antenna’s (work great) also with no help for remote viewing. At this point (and expenditure), I must throw in the towel and look at alternatives. What other devices might work?

In your exhaustive list of “what I’ve done” there’s no “I posted my issues in Tablo Community Forums”, you know, to see if anyone using a tablo has struggled with the same problem… and has gotten through it.

Sometimes you can learn from the mistakes others have already made, so you don’t have to make them all yourself.
Consider asking tablo users how/if they dealt with the challenges you’ve encountered.

If it’s the specific Tablo device you believe is faulty, try a new Tablo quad.

I use my Tablo remotely about 99% of the time, no issues. The upload speed where the Tablo is located is 10 Mbps. My recording quality is 720p 5 Mbps. The download speed at the remote locations is 50-500 Mbps depending on the location. Works with no problems for 5 years.

I too use the recommend 720p 5Mbps setting and have no serious problems with remote live (well, apart from when there were some bugs still).

Do you have a two-tuner or four-tuner model? I have found that often, especially when remote viewing on mobile devices, that my internet “down” speed, provided my the mobile carrier to fluctuate quite a bit. This can be the cause of remote viewing problems. I have a stable signal on a Galaxy S8 phone on ATT if I set the remote picture quality on Tablo settings to 1 mbs or even 750 kps. Quality is not as good, but screen size makes it less visible. My upload/download speed at home is 500 mbs/500 mbs. Since changing remote playback speed (in Tablo settings) I’ve been able to watch on a train or at airports without problems.

Thing is - they weren’t asking for remote advice…

already concluded -

I was having HUGE problems with constant buffering at one of my remote locations, where I have an internet connection with lots of buffer bloat, when I tried to stream Live TV using Tablo Connect. After two months of frustration, Tablo suggested I rollback my Tablo unit to the last firmware version. Today, I rolled back the firmware from 2.2.26 to 2.2.24 and it TOTALLY solved my buffering issues. I’ve been watching 4 hours of Live TV remotely with absolutely no buffering problems. With the 2.2.26 firmware, I would watch 15 seconds of TV followed by 7 seconds of buffering, repeating forever. Rolling back the firmware is THE fix, at least for the time being.

Please explain what changes in .26 broke remote streaming then?

I have no idea. They changed something that made the Tablo Connect totally unusable for watching Live TV at locations that had marginal internet service. At other locations, where there is solid internet without buffer bloat issues, 2.2.26 works fine.

Interesting. 1 step forward 2 steps back