I get the message Disconnected from Tablo when I turn my TV on

I use Tablo Preview on a 2019 Sony TV. When I turn my TV on, I always get the message Disconnected from Tablo with the choice between Retry Playback and Cancel.
Using the Back key on my remote usually starts the interface. Retry playback does not work.
I always see those messages except if I turned off my TV for a very short time before turning it on.

Is there a way to avoid this and start right away in the interface every time?

Can you tell us what state you leave the Tablo APP in when you turn the TV off? Is it still connected to the Tablo or do you Disconnect and or Exit the APP before turning off the TV?

I simply turn the TV OFF. So it is still connected to the App.

If you unplug the TV for 30 - 60 seconds after turning it off does this still occur? It might be turning the TV off does not really turn it off as in a power off state the processor may still be running consuming power, but the TabloTV may eventually time out the connection due to no activity. Turning off modern TV does not go into a power off state they sit there sucking power from the wall but they “Turn on” really fast when you hit the button on the remote.

Also as a test disconnect from the Tablo then exit the app see if it still occurs.