I can't get to live tv

I got on my ipad to record some shows. I scheduled 4 shows and when I went back to my tv it is stuck on active subscription page. I used my back arrow to try and get over to live tv and a box pops up that says disconnect exit and cancel. Did I mess it up using my ipad? How can I get back to tv? Any help will be appreciated.

I rebooted and its still stuck. Should I unplug it?

Close out the app. On iPad double click the home button and swip up on the app to close it. Then reopen the app.

I closed out the app and went back to my tv and its still stuck on the subscription page. I unplugged it and it still is stuck. Wonder if I should delete the app on my tv and reinstall it ?

Does it work with the iPad app but not on your tv app? What are you using for the tv. Apple TV? If so you might just unplug the Apple TV and see if that works.

I have a roku tv so I deleted the app from the tv and reinstalled it and it is working fine now. Thanks for your help

I’m glad it’s working now. I’ve had my Tablo for around 3 years now I’m happy with that way it works. I like the way you can stream your local channels when your away on vacation. But you can only do that if you buy the program guide. I bought the life time guide which is good because I’ve had it long enough so the life time guide has paid for it self. My first Tablo stop working over wifi so I bought a new one and the guide went over to the new one with no problems. I think you can have more than one on your account so when I get a antenna run to the room where the router is located I’m going to get it up and running and use it for movies and the other one for tv shows. The other Tablo work but the wifi went out on it so I have to plug it in the router. When I bought mine it was between Tablo or simple tv I’m glad I went with Tablo because simple tv went out of business.
Also I have a Roku but it’s a stick you plug into the tv when Tablo started to support the Apple TV I already had one and I’m happier with the Apple TV because it seam to work better with Tablo than the Roku but I’m a Apple fan.
But it shouldn’t matter what you use to access the Tablo with I use my iPad iPhone and iMac my children use their iPod iPad and they use Amazon Fire tablet. I have used android phones also. It works with everything I’ve tried with it. Hope you enjoy your Tablo for many years.

Thanks for the information. I’ve had my Tablo for about 3 weeks and have not had any trouble with it accept tonight. Now it is stuck in limited mode.

It’s not stuck in limited mode. When it’s like that it’s doimg maintenance on its self usually around 2 or 3 AM. That’s when it downloads the program guide and update if any are available. It only last a couple of minutes. Mine did that same thing last night. I was watching the big valley and when it was over I couldn’t watch the next episode because mine was in limited mode. But if you’re up late watching your Tablo it will do it again FYI.