I can no longer view Live TV on my Tablo Quad HDMI

When I select a station to watch from the “Live TV” menu, I get a window that opens with the title, “Schedule Manual Program”. There are several option like it want’s me to record the show, not watch it live. I’ve been out of town for a few weeks and I just tried to access. My scheduled shows also stopped recording. This all appears to have occurred when my 30-day trial ended. I check the antenna connectivity and it is solid!

That happens if you select the show itself and not the channel (far left). Click on the channel number itself in the guide.

Without a subscription, you can only make manual recordings. The recordings you had scheduled while you had a trial subscription will no longer record unless you renew your subscription.

Duh! Thanks, for some reason it was going straight to the show and not the station, perhaps I was double clicking and not waiting for it to open the Live TV section, then I was just pressing select and not really paying that much attention. All good now!

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Glad to help!