HW Feature Request (OTA+Streaming Tuner box)

I would love to see a streaming TV tuner built into the Tablo device with the purpose of having an integrated Guide and DVR functionality for both OTA and Streaming Service Provider Live TV Channels.

Should support the top streaming services such as YoutubeTV, SlingTV, etc.

Would like the box to support 2 OTA Channels and 2 Streaming service Channels at the same time for DVR purposes.

Tablo DVR is a headless device. So you access it as you do other services such as those you mentioned. It designed to integrate into and compliment what ever system you enjoy.

However you access your tablo (device), should be able to handle more than 2 streaming services!

Maybe what I said above was not clear.

So yes, I access my Tablo DVR on a streaming receiver such as a Roku, Android TV box or Fire, etc.

The feature request I am talking about is giving the Tablo DVR Recording function access to a streaming service provider. Right now, I have to pay SlingTV $5.00 per month for 50 hours of storage and no commercial skip and have to rely on their cloud DVR functionality that is far from perfect. YoutubeTV has a much better CloudDVR interface but it does not have commercial skip and it reverts to the Channel providers library after about a week.

If there was some sort of Streaming Service Receiver built into Tablo so teh DVR Recorder could record Streaming service provider content in addition to the Over the Air content and store it in the same place with commercial skip, with storage size limited by my local hard drive size; that would be my ideal setup.

So you don’t really just want an OTA DVR.

Storing locally storing copyrighted material wouldn’t make pirating like a no-brainer? Wonderful idea, that’s probably some services allow you to download something via their app only.

OK, so it’s effortless with tablo, but technically it includes all the advertisements from the original broadcast, and Nuvyyo doesn’t own, or broadcast/stream the content.

Storing locally storing copyrighted material is what TabloTV already does for over the air content. I am just saying I would liek a box that does such a nice job with OTA to do teh same with streamed broadcasts.

I believe “Channels” DVR does this using users network login credentials and Playon does this by Playing the content and recording in real time than storing on a local drive.

As for storing content with commercials and data for the player to skip function should do the same on the recorded streamed content. Playon also does the commercial skip in a similar manner.

Tablo can only record OTA. It’s not possible for them to record streaming channels. Not possible with the current hardware, not not legal for them to add software to do it.

Correct, that is why the title says HW feature request, although it would also require SW too.

It stores material with paid advertisements. Many subscription services, don’t interrupt shows with ads, since you paid to watch.

With OTA, you pay with your time.

I am talking about the streaming service providers that provide the Basic Cable channels that are not currently broadcast over the air.

This is the first you’ve explained “Streaming Service Provider Live TV Channels”.

Basic Cable… not currently broadcast over the air - not even premium cable channels are broadcast over the air.