Hurricane Irma vs. Power Supply

I’m in FL, and just went through Hurricane Irma. Other than a privacy fence which was blown down, everything was fine when the power came back after three days. Now, four days after that, I woke up this morning to a solid blue light on my Tablo.

I found a troubleshooting list here on the forum, (I’d like to thank the poster, but I can’t find it again). I have a universal power adapter which I set to 12v+ and my Tablo is now working again. I guess the repeated power outages and resumptions fried the Table power supply.

So here are my two questions:

  1. Is it safe to continue running the Tablo on the universal adapter until I can get another one?
  2. Should I try to obtain one from Tablo, or order a better quality one from Amazon? It seems a LOT of people have problems with the one supplied by Tablo. My Tablo was purchased in May of 2014, four tuner.

TYIA! (In replies, please keep in mind that I’m a certified member of the “I Don’t Understand Electronics Club,” so please be kind and explain any technical stuff.)


In my experience… replacing 2 Tablo Power supplies.

On the new Power Supplies I exchanged, the plus and minus on the plug output were reversed. I used a multimeter to determine the polarity. I had to cut / splice reverse the output wires to correct the polarity.

Also you have to make sure the current rating (ma milliamperes) is the same or greater than what is printed on Tablo Power supply.

Other than that your power supply should work.


The Tablo power supply says 2000 ma. My universal adapter says 1200ma. I’m assuming that I should NOT continue using this power adaptor? I did order one from Amazon based on a recommendation I found here on the forum:

Now I’m wondering if I should cancel. This one has no “ma” listed. Why does all of this have to be so darn confusing. :unamused:

It says “2A” which is 2000ma.

So, would this one work?

I ended up ordering this one. If anyone knows it will NOT work, please let me know! Thank you for the replies!

Tablo now directly sells replacement power supplies. Your best bet it to buy it directly from them - can’t go wrong for $10.00 USD. See link below.

Cancel that order lol See my post above.

Thanks, I know Tablo sells them, but I don’t want another one from Tablo. They fail too often. Plus, I can get it from Amazon Prime by Tuesday.

I’ve had the same original power supply for 3.5 years - maybe you need a better surge protector? Weird for many to die quickly.

I have a CyberPower CP600LCD Intelligent LCD UPS 600VA 340W. I don’t think that’s the problem, although I admit I’m no expert.

If you have a UPS, you’re about as protected as you can be. Surge suppressors don’t protect you from sags.

With that said, I’m glad my power wart hasn’t given up yet.

@TabloTV I’d like to respectfully suggest that you either: make replacement power adapters available through Amazon (since Tablos can be purchased there) or: allow people the option of purchasing a replacement through Tablo with expedited shipping. I would have happily paid for overnight shipping if it were available, but you only offer the one free shipping option. I’m now on my second week with no TV because I have no power adapter. :disappointed_relieved:

Free shipping from Tablo should only take a few days no? Did you place an order from Tablo and are still waiting for it?

Sorry it’s taken such a long time… We do ship all power supplies directly from HQ which means that folks in the US will have to wait a bit longer.

Even if we did offer an expedited option, shipping would cost $10 extra and it’d only get there an extra day earlier.

That’s the downside of international shipping :frowning:

If we see that this replacement part gets more popular, we can consider adding it to our other sales channels but doing that is a lot more involved than one might think…

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Just a heads up, amperage can be higher on the power supply then what you actually need. Hence you can buy .5, 1, 2, 5 amp power supplies to charge phones. They key is voltage, too little voltage can lead to the device running unstable and too much voltage will damage it. Get as close to the factory adapter voltage as you can.