Hulu, mlb, hbo, etc fire tv app integration

would be great to integrate shortcuts to or libraries of all of the video apps in fire tv into tablo. This way i can make tablo my goto for everything video. Eg. Hulu, showcase, hbo etc. i think tivo does this now.

Your FireTv is the go to device. From there, you can select all those apps that you mentioned, plus the Tablo app.

No one wants the Netflix interface to have WatchESPN in it, for instance. Each app needs to be self contained on whatever hardware is being used.

Tivo is a device that connects to your TV directly, so it makes sense for it to have other apps. The Tablo is a media server that doesn’t connect directly, so it has much more in common with WatchESPN, Netflix, and Hulu.


Good point. Thanks

You can group all your video apps into a folder on your FireTV or Android device.

Any reference to articles explaining how to do this on the FireTV? I have never seen a feature for creating a folder to group apps, but would like to do this if possible.

I have a Fire TV stick and will try this long weekend. On Android, at least on Android M it easy easy to do. Will try on NP too.

You can’t have folders on Android TV.

Marginal reviews though…