Hulu Introduces No Commercial Plan for $11.99/Month

Thought this would be of interest to our cord-cutting group. The price is a 50% increase over the Hulu+ plan (with commercials).
What do you think? Is Hulu worth $12/month on content alone?

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Yea, except for certain shows :confused: will play ad prior to and at the end of show

Yes, a very limited number though - and only before counts, as I will quit as soon as show is over. Here are the ones with the before and after commercials:

“Due to streaming rights, the shows below are not included in our No Commercials plan. You can still watch these shows interruption-free. They will play with a short commercial before and after each episode. The shows are: Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal, New Girl, Grimm and How To Get Away With Murder.”

I just bought some12 month Hulu+ Subscriptions from Ebay (they’re stackable) at a great discount, and will be getting the commercial free version for $2.75/month…for that price, it’s well worth having in my streaming arsenal.

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If you have an OTA DVR like the Tablo, I just don’t see any benefit to Hulu.

I do think that if Hulu had this option from the beginning, I would have considered Hulu more before buying the Tablo. I had a two or three week trial, and the commercials were so annoying.

I watch some shows on Hulu that you cannot get over the air. Not a lot, but some.

Also I have times where OTA is corrupted. Night before last in fact and had to watch via hulu yesterday.

But it would be nice to be able to get rid of another bill :confused:

Yes and no…there are non OTA shows you can watch (Comedy Central, SyFy & FX come to mind), plus old content delivered in a much better quality than the 480i TV stations that tend to carry such - All of Seinfeld for example. Plus older HBO and Showtime series and the Criterion movie collection is awesome.

lol had to look that up and I see Eraserhead. That was an out there movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched not too long ago…out there is an understatement!!

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I know Hulu has some anime as well, though I subscribe to both Crunchyroll and Funimation, so I get plenty of that.

I watch a lot more of those two channels each week than I do my Tablo. Japan really has some terrific shows. :smile_cat:

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I recently cut the cord, and decided to subscribe to Hulu because that’s the only way I can get Showtime, at least currently, and figured I could also use it to watch any shows that I failed to record on my Tablo (kind of like OnDemand from my prior cable company). I don’t see much value for me to upgrade to the No Commercials version.

What shows from SyFy are available from Hulu? I used to watch a lot of SyFy and was looking for a source for their content, but all of the shows that I watch say they require a cable subscription when I look them up on Hulu. Occasionally, Hulu will show the first two or three episodes of a series, but you cannot watch the rest without a cable subscription.

I did recently sign up for Netflix and noticed that many SyFy shows are available there - just a season behind.

I generally agree that most Hulu content can be had via OTA antenna and OTA provides things not available on Hulu - although Hulu is good for those who can’t get antenna reception. But I have noticed that Hulu seems to be signing more deals for cable shows so maybe that has changed since I last looked at what is available.

@Vonda_Z - I had forgotten that I do have my Hulu account associated with a cable subscription from my rental/vacation home - which as you note, unlocks certain series - and I guess SyFy is one of them.

Interesting enough they had some syfy shows available without subscription and now it seems they cut most of those off :frowning:

I’ve always had a problem with paying for Hulu and having the special privilege of also getting commercials too… (see: having cake and eating it too/double dipping)