HP Slate 21 Pro - interesting Tablo device!

I needed a new device for surfing, movie streaming, homework research & typing, etc. but didn’t want to fork over the big bucks for new Mac hardware.

Then I stumbled upon the HP Slate 21 Pro, which is an android PC with a 21" touch screen-- so really like a super-sized tablet and at an inexpensive tablet price (I found it for $230).

Turns out this is a great way to view Tablo content, AND have an easy-to-use pc for many other desktop computing functions!

[No, I’m not on anyone’s sales team… just thought this hardware option might be of interest to other Tablo households.]

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I have a Dell Venue Pro, which is a Windows 8.1 Tablet and use it to watch the Tablo. It’s WiFi only, so can only use it where there is WiFi.

@mdanger Glad I used the search function on the forum.  I was going to post asking if anyone had tried a Slate 21 with Tablo yet.  Out of curiosity, are you on wifi or do you have it plugged into Ethernet (It does have an ethernet jack correct)?

Where’d you find it for $230?

Try the Nabi Big Tab models. There is 20" and 24". Both can be had new under $500 or used around $200-300. They also have a 32" model coming out soon.

The new Lenovo Horizon 2 model is really nice. There are three versions of the “2” though and you want the THIN one.