How to you get the hard drive to work on new Tablo DVR unit?

I am testing out my new 4-Tuner Tablo DVR but cannot get the old programs from the hard drive from my 2-Tuner unit to show up in the “recordings” section. Why is this? Please don’t tell me this is another one of those annoying glitches that exists within the Tablo Interface.

Did you try this process:

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So here is the situation. I am already recording on the new 4-Tuner unit and it’s working so far. However, I will need to transfer the other stuff that’s already on that same drive to this new 4-tuner unit (previously was using 2-Tuner unit). So I keep the 2-tuner unit wireless while hooking up the 4-tuner unit to an ethernet cable? Then hit reset on the 2-Tuner unit while the drive is still plugged in? I am thinking this is what this is all about. I will worry about this tomorrow. Today I have to record the World Series Game 7.

My assumption is once you start recording to the same HDD you were using on the old Tablo with the new Tablo, you will have lost all your prior recordings.

That migration process is supposed to be done with the new Tablo on the first use, not after once you’ve already started using it with the same HDD.

Shouldn’t there be a BIG SIGN in BOLD LETTERS on a new Tablo package box that says “Before you migrate from another Tablo…”?

That would be great.

This migration process is a new feature, it hasn’t always been available so I assume the packaging has not been updated to reflect the process.

As far as I can see, the newer 4-tuner device still shows that there is “x” amount of memory being used up on the hard drive from the older 2-tuner unit’s recordings. I am hoping I didn’t mess up all my old programs. I wish the integration process was so much more streamlined.

So the new Tablo shows the correct total size of the HDD? And then shows you have some many GB used already?

Yes, it shows there is used data from the old system. I think I can still migrate, even though technically, I have already started using the newer unit. I am still wet behind the ears with all these Tablo TV idiosyncrasies. I hope that Tablo’s designers and engineers can come up with a seemless way to drop in any hard drive on a new unit and watch those programs immediately. I am upset they didn’t think of all this in the first place.

I hope it works out for you.

But my understanding is if the migration process had gone well the first time you wouldn’t had to scan for channels, and your previous recordings would be showing.