How To Watch the same OTA show on mutiple TVs

I just got my first Tablo DUAL. It’s connected to my antenna and network with a USB drive inserted. I have four TVs connected; one Samsung Smart TV and three Roku’s.

The primary way I want to watch is the standard OTA channels like the-good-old-days. I like to have the same channel on TVs in multiple rooms so I can walk room-to-room and see the same thing everywhere. But it seems the DVR feature is kicking in, making every TV out of sync with the others.

How can I get every connected TV to be live per the current broadcast?

You need a video distribution system. You can tune each device/TV to the same channel, but each are independent of each other. Although they are receiving the same video stream from the tablo, each has their own network connectivity with the tablo (server) and each have their own video play and processor to display the video.

The tablo streams video like a web server does, to each player independent of each… even if you start them at the same time, there is no inter-connectivity between them.

Do you know whether the Tablo is capable of simply playing broadcast TV as it comes to the antenna? I’m A-OK with each device being independent of the other. What I want is for the Tablo to transmit the OTA TV signal. I had a bunch of splitters this morning and cables running here and there. I got the Tablo to transmit the OTA signal via my wireless network so I can ditch some more cables. Do you know whether the Tablo can do that?

Thinking about it, I’m guessing that if I pull the USB drive all programs will come through real-time.

No. Tablo’s presentation is web streaming from a transcoded version of the original that is stored. Even if that’s very temporal storage.

OK - Thank you very much for that information. I really appreciate it. I think this may not be the right solution for me.

Are you aware of a device that will sent one antenna signal via my home network?

Not only that. I might not be watching what’s happening now. It’s got me wondering whether the news I’m watching is the broadcast as of this second. Do you know what I mean?

djcox - a transcoded version that is stored where?

On the hard drive connected to the Tablo.

maybe ~1 second delay or several hundred nanoseconds. :slight_smile: -unless you’ve pressed pause :neutral_face:

Actually, it can be several seconds off depending…

Thank you CJ.

Does anyone here know whether there is a way to split a signal from an antenna over a home network? The criteria would be that the live signal simply splits for use on multiple TVs, something similar to inserting a splitter into the coaxial cable.

RF signals from your antenna… won’t carry over your network, you want to keep it on coax, most likely RG6.

This isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, if you have an HDMI output, such as Roku or Fire Stick or other that would plug into TV you could split that, with an HDMI splitter. There are “things” to run HDMI over ethernet, aka network cable. This will not have anything to do with your network. They just allow you to run HDMI over longer distances. Depending on your needs and/or desires it may/not be cost effective.

I found this for illustrative purposes (beyond examples I make no recommendations, it’s just for show - one does have networking capabilities, but it’s own.