How to use Tablo subscription on second 4 Channel Tablo

With 3 people watching different shows at the same time, I was getting too many tuner not available messages. This is to be expected of course, so I purchased a second 4 channel Tablo to fix this. The second Tablo works as it was promised it would. The problem is that it says it is on a 30 day trial guide subscription. Can I get this unit to use the same subscription without having to purchase another $50 per year subscription? If so, how do I do it?

Log into your Tablo account at

Make sure Subscriptions is select in the top left and on the right side of the list of subscriptions there is an Add Tablo button. That should allow you to add the second Tablo to your existing account under the same subscription.

Go to, login, then click the “Add Tablo” button on the right side.

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This is one of many advantages Tablo has over Tivo, which would have required a second subscription.