How to use Tablo Ripper

Could somebody please tell me how to use the Tablo Ripper please help!!!
I have Tablo Ripper on my computer and I don’t know how to use the thing and I’m getting very frustrated cause I need to take some videos off the Tablo hard drive so could somebody please just give me step by step instructions on how to do it nothing fancy just the basic steps from Tablo to my computer hard drive I will be forever grateful.
Thank you

Have you looked at the wiki?

Start with “configuration”.

Yes I have seen it but I don’t understand it, whats with the background and foreground service?
Once I put my videos in the box what button do I push to have them go on my computers hard drive?

Once you start the background service all your recordings will start to rip on their own to your computer. You can set where you want them saved by going to the configuration tab before you start the background service. I had almost 1 TB of recordings to rip, so it was faster for me to highlight the shows on the left, click the arrow to move them to the right and click the start foreground service. Before I started new shows I had to check the folder to make sure episodes weren’t ripped in the background.

There are two basic things you need to get right. Select your Tablo from the drop-down list, and select a directory on your PC where you want the files saved.

Then you’ll get a list of recordings. Move a recording to the box on the right, and hit the start button. Repeat as necessary.

Hey mate, I hope you can help me, I didn’t see my problem described. I don’t know what to download. I have Red Hat Windows but don’t know if it is 32 bit or 64 bit. How do I find out?

Well, you can look in the control panel for your system info. Or, you can just run the 32-bit version. Or you can download the 64-bit version and see if it’ll install (you’ll get a message if it won’t).

Good Afternoon,
I still cannot grasp what sync does. Does it make a list of episodes that have been already ripped? This would reduce duplicates when using PLEX?

What if a ripped recording had pixeling and when viewed, I decided to delete from Plex, would the episode name be deleted from list created by Sync.

Here are the details, bear with me for a long minute.

When TabloRipper rips a show it considers “new” (never been ripped), it adds that show to a list of “completed” shows that it maintains for itself. That show won’t be automatically ripped again, but you can still rip it manually as often as you like (until it’s deleted from your Tablo).

The “sync” button is useful for a special case where you have a bunch of “new” recordings (for example, you just installed TabloRipper for the first time and have 10tb of existing shows hanging around on your Tablo). You probably don’t want all of them selected as “new” shows and ripped automatically (or maybe you do?).

All the sync button does is copy the current list of what’s on your Tablo (all shows) to the “completed” list it uses to determine what’s “new”. And in doing so, nothing is “new” until you record more shows.

Make sense?

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Ok. Thanks. I use PLEX and I record a lot. I have 2 hard drives. So when I added the second hard drive for Plex a lot of episodes were recorded again. I found a way to find duplicates in Plex and went through one at a time and deleted all dupes. Since ripper points to one drive at a time, I was wondering if there was a way to catch them on the front end.


TabloRipper had no idea what’s going on with your output files. Once they’re ripped, it doesn’t care what happens to them or where they go. But it should only (ever) rip a given video “once”.

Is there an option to only rip specific shows automatically? There are certain shows I want to rip automatically and some I don’t want ripped automatically. I’m looking for either a whitelist or blacklist option. Thanks!

See this…

There are selection and exclusion filters available in the Configuration tab.

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Thanks!! That’s exactly what I want. I don’t plan to keep the news, talks shows, game shows, ect…