How to set up apps for more than 1 tablo dvr

I just got a new tablo and decided I want to buy the second one. I use roku players and an amazon firestick to operate the tablo I have. Do I need another app on the players to control the second tablo? Or is there a way to use the apps I already have to control both tablo,s? I couldn,t find the answer to my question.

We cover that a bit here:

You will need to switch between Tablo A and Tablo B (using the disconnect button in your Tablo apps) to set recordings or view recordings since each Tablo will maintain its own separate database. That’s why two-Tablo families often dedicate a DVR to a specific family member, group, or content type.

On the Roku and perhaps others, you hit the ‘back’ button when a the root and do ‘Disconnect’, then you’ll get a horizontal scrollable list of your Tablo devices to select from.

You can also give your Tablo units unique names, making it easier to know what you’re switching from and to, as you toggle between them. “Roku Tablo” and “Fire TV Tablo” for example, “Basement Tablo” “Living room Tablo”, etc.

Thanks for the help guys and I already named the first one and waiting to get a quad.