How to set the time and date on Tablo

Recordings start late and end late… Every recording starts after the show has been on for 30 secs or so…

At times the Tablo will show the DST as wrong time zone… I am in AZ and we do not do DST…

Can the time be manually set on the Tablo? Are there plans to allow “record 1 min early” like DirectTV and Dish DVRs?

The Tablo grabs its time zone information from the device you use to run a channel scan. Make sure you’re using a device using the correct time zone.

If we’re talking a late difference of a minute or two - rather than an hour or more, you could work around this using a manual recording if you’re having this issue with the same airings.

Note: if you have any kind of active VPN, or if the date and time settings on your device are wrong, the Tablo will not grab the proper time zone and your recordings will continue to record at the incorrect time.

If your phone got its ip address from elsewhere, that might affect it. Example, my phones ip makes it think Dallas but if you go by gps i’m in Austin.

If the tablo “grabs” its time stamp from the device that you are running it on, then how come tablo engineers had to get involved with my time stamp problem? They had to do something on your end to remedy the situation. I was not using any VPN or browser masking.

The problem has been solved by the way.

Just asking for clarification, because all my devices were set with the correct time stamp and yet the tablo was off by 1 hour. Was your end configured with incorrect time zone? The tablo unit not configured correctly within the firmware? Was your guide service incorrectly configured? My devices using a different standard for time stamping, Win 7 (Chrome), android apps, Firetv?

Again, just asking for a little more information. Just curious.

There are some very rare instances (which we’re still looking at, so no details here yet) that can cause a client/app to pass along the incorrect date and time settings.

In these cases, we can manually force the Tablo’s time from our end using heartbeat mode.