How to Rip your Tablo Recordings for offline use

this is how you Rip your Tablo Recordings for offline use . i use ffmpeg and Tablo Exporter

i made a video video on youtube

There is now an alternate video posted on Youtube which people may feel is easier to convert your Tablo M3U8 recordings to MP4. The video is now 1 week old.

It appears that VLC has incorporated a streaming Converter into their player which will now save streaming content to a variety of different formats using different compression algorithms. Check it out :

It would be cool if I were able to take a previous library of MP4s and convert those back to M3U8 to make available in Tablo. Maybe somewhere down the road somebody will finagle this. Enjoy !

That’s what I do in the original video in post

Hi David… It looks like you intended to supply a link hinting at how to convert external mp4s to m3u8’s and place them into Tablo. Can you point me in the right direction ?

I just watched your video again. You are ripping recorded Tablo videos and converting them into MP4s and AVIs for your local computer.

What I would like to do is take personal family videos in MP4 and insert them “into” Tablo. This is the reverse activity of what your video is doing. Would you happen to know if this is do-able?

Look for a MP4 to M3U8 converter. As far as getting them onto the hard drive the Tablo uses to store recordings ,why? Elaborate please. But if you did . The drive may be readable on some kind of Linux machine.
M3u8 is usually store on servers as playlist and is associated as URL. I don’t think your tablo will allow you right to edit files saved on HD but I’ll look into it

Also research iptv player they do HLS

Don’t forget to visit and follow to find everything about this subject

The why is easy and am surprised there has not been much interest in this.

Visiting relatives and showing them the latest and past vids of family functions without having to provision, cary along, hardly anything is pretty convenient. Sounds like the topic has not been very popular so I will do some searching around. I think would be a good value add to Tablo if they were ever looking to better their product.

The file MP4 file editing is a piece of cake. I love Avedimux, its free, allows multi-threaded processing, decent interface, and is loaded with quite a few vid filtering/enhancing capabilities.

There is a Linux in-memory utility I have used in the past which might read the Tablo disk. Seems a lot of fumbling around may be in order.