How to record without Guide

How do you record shows when you haven’t purchased the Guide? Under “Scheduled” It says I can from Live TV or Guide but I don’t see how in Live TV. I was under the impression it was like a VCR i.e. you have to specify channel start time and end time etc.

I asked about this back when I was first in my month trial period and was told I woudl just have to see how it works if I didn’t purchase the guide> Now I’ve let it lapse to see how it works and it doesn’t.

Not sure which clients support it, but I know from the web UI, you to a Manual recording.

I had stumbled across this in the past, Tablo TV without a subscription it’s one person’s experience using tablo without the guide data. It may or may not be useful.

I think I found it. Apparently you have to schedule manual recordings via the webApp function on your computer. I was thinking it would be via the Roku interface. If this is not correct someone let me know.


They can be set up via web, mobile, and AndroidTv apps.

Not yet. We’re working on it :slight_smile:

You can schedule 1-time recordings via any mobile app, the web app, or the original app for Fire TV/Android TV.