How to record while watching a live program

Hello. I have a Dual Lite and I can’t figure out how to record a program that I am currently watching Live?

Thanks in advance.

I’d first click on the downward pointing arrow in the upper right cornor

exposing the grid/schedule - highlight the show you’re watching - click the grey REC button…:

It changes to orange and the show in the grid indicates it’s being recorded:

then click on the upward arrow now in the lower right corner:

and watch the show you’re recording, so you can watch it again :slight_smile:

hope this helps

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What app is that? On my iPad, I don’t have that down arrow on the upper right of the live screen!

And how do you insert a picture on the post in this forum? I want to attach the picture of my live screen capture from my iPad.

That is the website interface on a computer. On the iPad you’ll have to go back to the guide to start the recording.

before I attach a bunch of screen shots, just to have someone say - that’s not what I use… why don’t you explain how you’re access the forum.


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