How to record something you are already watching

Just got a Tablo that I’m using on an Amazon Fire TV. How do I initiate recording of something that I’m already watching? It seems that I have to exit and initiate record. Can it be that this is what must be done? If I can record something I’m already watching I assume it would record whatever I’ve already watched as well right? Love the quality of the Tablo compared to Recast but the interface quirks are irksome.
Thanks for any help.


It only records from when you start the recording, not before.

But how do I start recording something that I’m watching? I see no way to do that.

Go to the live TV guide, click on the show title, and the record option will show up. But it will only record from that moment on.

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Again yes you must do this.

Tablo should really save the buffer as you watch and give you the option to record without exiting the video. It’s a shame because while the Tablo has superior image quality, many interface elements are improperly designed and inconsistent.

You can make a feature request. Tablo does try to fulfill user requests.

Curious, does the Amazon Recast have this feature? I’ve never used one.

If you are using a Roku or Fire TV stick why not just use your cell phone and open the browser app and start the recording there. Or if you are already in the browser app open a new tab and start the recording there.

A nice (but not necessary) feature would be for the Tablo to store the beginning of the show if it’s already in the live TV buffer (which I think is about 60 minutes). I remember someone posting a long time ago that their cable DVR did this, so it’s not unheard of but by no means mandatory or unexpected.

Different strokes of course, I think some might consider it the right approach. Every DVR platform that I’ve used since MythTV has used a buffer once you start watching that will be saved should you decide you want to record the program.

So the Recast does do this eh? Cool good to know.

If it’s that important/critical a feature to be a deal breaker go with MythTV.

I have an good idea of what shows I might even consider to record and thus record them and watch the recording as it’s being made. I don’t need to worry about whether there is a buffer that captures the recording from the beginning.