How to record from guide with Roku?

Am I missing something? How does one go about recording a show using the Roku remote (Roku 3)? I do not have an active subscription to Tablo, so I only use the 24 hour guide. From what I can find, the only way to record with Roku is through the Prime Time or Shows section. Why can’t I hit record in the guide like every other DVR?

FYI- I bought my 2 Tuner during the Kickstarter campaign, but let the subscription die because I was so frustrated with the buggy operation and slow promised results. My main home system is WMC w/ Xbox extenders. Tablo has come so far, which impresses me, but WMC is still SO much more user friendly. Please Tablo team, copy some of the basic WMC features! You are very close to an awesome whole home DVR with cheap extenders.

I have Roku streaming sticks, and am able to record from the guide by going to the show I want and clicking OK, then clicking on Record Episode.

I don’t know for sure in your case, but I do know that limited features are available (i.e. no remote access) if you don’t have a paid subscription, so it may have something to do with that.

Good to know it works for you. When I click on a show currently playing in the guide, it brings up the channel, which I would expect it to do. If I move out an hour or two and select a show, it just brings up the channel again (I would expect it to ask about recording). So if you do the same, it asks to record?

If I click “OK” on a show currently airing, I get the option to watch or record, while moving out in time and clicking on a show airing later, I get the option to record the episode.

I forgot to ask if you’re running the latest Tablo app on your Roku app, but you probably are. Mine is 2.1 build 34. Also, my TAblo is running 2.2.10 firmware.

Starting to sound like that feature isn’t available without an active subscription.

I’m surprised you can schedule a recording via the Prime Time or Shows sections without a subscription at all.
I thought only scheduling a manual recording, which allows you to select channel, and the recording timeframe would work.

Scroll down the following web page to see the features included with, and without a subscription:

From the description, Tablo functionality is really pretty limited if you don’t have a subscription. Personally, I’m getting a lot of value out of mine, so much so that I went with a lifetime subscription after my first year.

To clarify, I can’t use the Prime Time or Shows section. I just gathered from reading the How-To’s that the Roku app worked like that. Furthermore, I’m not sure you can even setup a manual recording through the Roku app. I thought I tried that, but not 100% sure.

I may try the subscription again. The Tablo app has improved immensely sense I gave up on it. We would still use WMC on our TV’s, but the Tablo in its current state would probably be worth it for us just on our tablets/laptops/phones. The out of network stuff would be cool too, now that we finally have better than dsl speed (comcast expanded, YAY!).

Manual recordings aren’t available via the Roku app yet.
I know you can do it via the web app, though.

It really is much better now… during my first year of use, there were some major issues for me, some of which were attributable to a buggy Roku software update, but Tablo had issues as well. During the time period with the Roku problems, I went out and bought a Nexus Player which improved the situation a great deal. But I also have to admit I strongly considered moving to a Tivo because of numerous Tablo issues. Fortunately, those have been largely cleaned up to the point that I view the Tablo as an appliance that mostly just works for me. That’s why I changed from the annual to the lifetime pan.

I think of it the same way, like a toaster.
Of course, I have to hit the side of my toaster to make it work sometimes, but hey… :wink: