How to record a show on July 27?

There is a show going to be on July 27 on PBS that I want to record. With the program guide only showing 2 days how can I set up my Tablo to record it?

Not that it makes any difference what show it is, because I want to know how to program a recording beyond two days. But it is a documentary on Buddy Guy: Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away. I’m a huge Buddy Guy (and Blues) fan.

So how does one go forward more than two days to program a recording? I know me well enough to know that if I don’t schedule the recording when I’m thinking about it I will forget and miss it! :roll_eyes:

Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

Only see 1 day of guide data? indicator

The Live TV grid guide will always show 24 hours of data. The additional 13 days are split up into the Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies and Sports tabs.

Tablo customers with a TV Guide Service subscription using Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices can now enable a full 14-day live TV grid in the settings screen.

A 14-day Live TV Grid is standard on TV-Connected Tablo DVRs with active TV Guide Data Service subscriptions.

It may vary a bit depending on what device you are using to view your Tablo, but basically, go to the tab titled “TV Shows”. From there you should be able to see all TV shows for the next 2 weeks or by using filters available on some devices you can refine your search. Click on the icon for the show you are interested in and it should then show a listing of all episodes for the next 2 weeks. Select the episode you are interested in and you should be able to schedule it to record.

If you are using a Roku, Fire TV or Android TV you can also enable the 14-day live TV guide and go to 7/27 in the live TV guide, find the show you want to record and schedule it to record from there. I see it in the guide for my local PBS station on 7/27 @ 8PM Central.

How to Enable the Enhanced 14-Day Live TV Grid on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, & Android TV – Tablo (

Then there is a 3rd method for scheduling a recording. It’s the manual scheduling method.

Using you browser , go to to gain access to your Tablo.
On the left column, select “Scheduled”.
Across the top of this page there will be a blue bar.
On the right hand side of the blue bar you’ll see a magnifying glass and a plus (+) sign. Select the plus sign. This will pop up “Schedule Manual Recordings”.
Select the “Just Once” tab. Fill out the information and press “Done”.

The 2 methods mentioned above work well, but are limited to the 14 days of downloaded guide data. The advantage of using the manual method is that you can schedule a program to record that is beyond the 14 days that are present in the guide.

My personal preference for scheduling recordings is to use the “TV Shows” method. To me, scrolling through 14 days of the Live TV grid is tedious, slow and somewhat cumbersome.

There you have it, 3 methods for scheduling a program on your Tablo.
Hope all this information is helpful to you and not too overwhelming.

@matonanjin This post may be helpful too:

@Nilex thank you. I have a Roku, sort of. I have a TCL Roku Tv so I hope that I can change it to a 14 day guide. A 1 or 2 day guide is nearly worthless. I’ll check.

Thanks again.

The live grid is 24 hours. The GUIDE is 2 weeks. Wouldn’t it be easier to look up the show by name than searching for it in the grid?


Go to TV SHOWS and look for American Masters. You can look in the All tab or go to Channels and select your PBS station to find it.

I too am a Buddy Guy fan and have set the show to record. If you continue to have problems with recording it send me a message and we’ll work something out so you have a copy.

I always find it interesting when I see Buddy Guy come up in conversation. My uncle (no longer with us) was Phil Guy, his brother. I’ve met Buddy a couple times at family events.

Thanks for posting I’ll have to set that to record too.

isn’t it beautiful when we can casually converse about unauthorized distribution of copyrighted digital media - long live napster!

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