How to Record a Current Program

When I click on a current program in the grid, I get the record screen, but with the buttons greyed-out. If I ckick on the time, if I change the start time to a minute or so in the future, then I can record.

Do you have a valid subscription? If not, only manual recording is available.

It’s grey because it’s not recording… maybe? If you click on it does it change color as the recording begins?

Not all of these work the same Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo and not everyone will be using the same as you (when asked so vaguely)

Hi @GRray, this sounds like you don’t have a guide subscription, and are being shown the manual scheduling screen. On some apps, there is a minor known issue where you are not able to immediately create the recording because the default start time is ‘in the past’. The workaround is what you have already done, which is to edit the start time. You will then be able to schedule the recording.