How to prevent buffering

New user here and having problems with excessive buffering when I try to remote stream something on my iPad through the internet. My setup is as follows:

Tablo Quad is connected by ethernet cable to my Eero router
Eero router is connected by ethernet cable to my Verizon FIOS router
FIOS speed is 75/75
Using a USB hard drive
In my settings I put recording at 720 HD 5 MBs
And Remote Streaming as low as 1 MBs
The location I am watching has 175 MBs download speed

Why the excessive buffering???

Does it matter that the Tablo is plugged into the Eero router, rather than the FIOS router?
Does it matter that I am recording the game and try to remote stream the same game simultaneously?
What would be the difference if I would change the USB hard disk by a SATA SSD?

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

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