How to move recordings from failed Tablo Quad OTA DVR

I had a Tablo Quad OTA for 2 months, with a Western Digital USB drive attached. The Tablo worked great until 2 days ago. There’s power to the unit, because the drive and the Ethernet connection both show lights. However, there is no light on the top of the unit and it won’t connect to the Internet. Internet is fine, so that’s not the issue.
I’m replacing the unit with a new one. However, the instructions for transferring the hard drive to a new unit (to save the recordings) assumes I have access to the old unit, which I don’t.
So my question is how do I save my recordings, so that when I plug in the hard drive it doesnt’ reformat it?


Even though you can’t do step 1 in the instructions, the process may still work. Or contact Tablo support for more help. I don’t think that the Tablo will automatically format an already formatted drive.